Asset managers use StockViews to connect to a global network of independent analysts.
We vet, curate and rank the research to provide you with top ideas relevant to your investment universe.


Sell side research firms aren’t incentivized to find alpha generating ideas. They tend to care more about generating trading revenues or keeping corporate clients happy.

StockViews analysts receive compensation only from you, the clients who use the research. They are measured and paid according to two metrics only - the quality of research and the performance of stock ratings. They are incentivized to find those few ideas that can really make the difference to your fund.

Working for you

"You only need a few good ideas in a lifetime to become wealthier than you ever thought possible."

Bruce Berkowitz


Sell side analysts all have the same background, the same training and they usually come to the same conclusions. Being located in financial hubs like London or New York encourages herding behavior.

StockViews analysts have a diversity of backgrounds and are located all over the world. You want to understand solar power in China or mining in South America? We have analysts on the ground that can provide you insights that the sell side miss.


"If you have the same people doing the same things, you should expect the same results."

Ray Dalio

Powered by technology

"I wouldn't call it radical, I would call it enthusiasm for progess."

John Templeton


Thorough research takes time, limiting the speed at which you can identify and invest in alpha-generating ideas.

As an investor on the StockViews platform you'll have access to your own team of equity analysts spread across the globe. Submit any project and within a few hours our technology will find the most suitable analyst for you and get them started straight away.

On demand

"Identifying attractive opportunities requires painstaking analysis; investors may evaluate dozens of situations to uncover a single worthwhile opportunity."

Seth Klarman


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