The traditional world of work is changing fast. As the old sell-side model disintegrates, a new technology-driven model is taking its place. StockViews hires equity analysts from top tier banks like Goldmans and Morgan Stanley, and offers them an environment that is far more meritocratic, collaborative and rewarding.


Join an elite network of analysts that create an impact on markets every day as a result of highly differentiated views. Our clients are top hedge funds and institutions that are seeking an edge through access to superior research.

We are looking for analysts that are “second-level” thinkers; capable of delivering insights that others in the market have missed. You should be adept at delivering a clear, actionable thesis that is substantiated by in-depth research and a rigorous model.



All of our analysts are fully independent and clear of conflicts. Our focus is on candid research (on both the long and short side) that provides an honest evaluation of the core issues.

You manage your own franchise and work to your own schedule. You are not required to maintain “waterfront coverage” of a sector, but instead encouraged to evaluate the greatest opportunities wherever they may be.



Your recognition, advancement and compensation is intrinsically linked to the value you deliver.

We collect two key pieces of data on every analyst - the performance of stock ratings and the quality of research (as judged by the entire network of clients). This performance data is visible to clients, who use it to help form a view on your credibility. As you build your reputation and your client base expands your ability to monetize your research grows proportionately.


The compensation profile below is based on a typical Stockviews analyst who has been working full time. It is based on the production of 3 in-depth reports, 4 short updates and one on-demand report each month.

Upfront Payment:

$13,500 (3x $3500 + 4x $750)

based on 3 in-depth reports and 4 short updates

Recurring Payment:

$5,750 (15x $250 + 20x $100)

based on ratings from 5 PMs per report

Custom Research:

$4,500 (per in-depth report)

Alpha Bonus:

-- (alpha bonus applies only after 12 months)

Total Monthly Comp: $23,750


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